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Amazing Testimonial on Legends in Concert!

Royal Star Hawaii is the exclusive transportation provider for Waikiki’s best live show – Legends in Concert’s “Rock a Hula”.  We just saw this amazing testimonial and thought we’d pass it along!

“Legends is the, all the performers were on key and excellent, however I do believe (I was) set up with Elvis, (it was the) first time in a long time I “blushed” he kissed me and gave me his sash, please note that it will be framed in our office!!

Madonna had me groovin, thought I was 15 again and at a real concert..I really had the urge to get up a “do my thing”, never had a thing for Steven Tyler but his performance last night changed my mind, actually “blew” me away! and of course the “king of pop” is exactly that, with nothing but standing ovations and needs no review..I really enjoyed the show and I must say I do believe this to be my personal favorite of all the shows thus far.. I didn’t even get to the food..OMG, the food was magnificent..the waiters almost had to pry me off that table..I dont really care for roast beef, always dry and chewy but last night was superb and perfect all the dishes were delicious and it all tasted “FRESH”!! I do have ONE request, if ever you all need to get rid of some mango sherbet, you know our address..I had dreams last night about it “too die for”!!

Thanks again for the wonderful evening,”

Travel Agent Operations Manager

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